Monday, 7 November 2011

Day 2 Concrete - Hurks


The morning started with a trip by bus to the Hurks Beton factory to the South of Veldhoven.
The TU/e group was seated in a conference room where two presentations followed: one by ir. Jan Schevers (from the TU/e) and a second one given by the Hurks representative, Mr. Steffen Grunewald.
The assignment was explained in the first presentation. In the coming week the students had to design a concrete span with only 50kg of concrete and limited reinforcement materials, that was to be as strong and as long as possible, while bonus points would be given for aesthetics.

Afterwards, everyone was taken to a trip around the factory. With numerous concrete and composite elements of all kinds, the experience resembled a guided tour through an open air museum.

Back to Eindhoven, in the workshop, it was down to business. Each group immediately started researching and designing.

Pictures & Storyline: Elena Chochanova 

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