Thursday, 10 November 2011

Day 7 Rotterdam

Day 7, Sunday, everybody gathers on the TU/e campus. The bus is waiting and so is Rotterdam. The sun is up which gives even more energy to the movement. Everybody is excited to start what is expected to be a very busy day. There are several locations and events to be reached and the day seems way too short.

First stop in Rotterdam is the Coolsingel Info Center where we are greeted by drs. Sophie Rousseau, professor at TU/e. We enjoy a lively presentation of the history of Rotterdam and its main urban events. Of course, on a funny note, as it is a touristic place of the city, plenty of souvenirs were acquired. 

Lunch time is an experience in itself. The restaurant Bazar provides good food and a very interesting location.

NAI, Het Nederlands Architectuurinstituut
The Netherlands Architecture Institute was the next event on the list. A must see, not  only for people in the field. From the beginning one feels like "a kid in a candy store": many interesting books, Lego areas for all ages and beautiful exhibitions. The "vault", the core of the building is represented by a "little hidden room" where drawing and models of important people in the field of architecture can be seen. A magic room but oh so intimidating at times... 


Next the Kunsthal, the Art Museum, built by Rem Koolhas

A little boat trip to take us on the other side of the city to one of the landmarks of the area: the Holland America Lijn building, now the New York Hotel. The building is now a well known point of interest where tourists stop to have a coffee and take in a little piece of history. The place is historically representative as the connection to the other continent. The base of the transport company that crossed the ocean to the dream land of America. 

The last event of the day in Rotterdam is a small tour given by ir. W. Hilhorst from TU/e about the history of the Kop van Zuid Muller Peer neighborhood and its architectural creations.

Back in Eindhoven, the Blob is our host for the evening. The dinner is an event through its location as the restaurant is open only during the Dutch Design Week.

Pictures & Storyline: Corina Popa

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